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How To Paint A French Manicure

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Step By Step

Prep the natural nail, and apply base coat. Once dry, apply 2 coats of your 'pink' enamel. Allow to dry before applying white.


Load your paintbrush with acrylic paint; I use quite a wet mix, but not so wet that it doesn't cling to the nail.


Begin to paint your smile line. I follow the line of the natural smile. The brush should be small enough so you can tuck your white into the walls, for nice, crisp, curved smile lines.


Leave the paint to dry, before applying the white enamel. Acrylic paint doesn't take long to dry. Once you have painted your 10th finger, the first should be dry enough to paint over.


Take your enamel brush, and swipe over your smile line. I swipe mine quite slowly. The enamel floods onto the acrylic and settles, without seeping onto your pink.


Allow the enamel to dry well before applying topcoat, or the white will drag across the nail.


Apply a good quality topcoat, and use a cotton wool ended manicure stick, dipped in polish remover, to swipe off any paint or enamel on the skin. Apply Solar Oil or Solar Speed to moisturise the nail and help dry the enamel quicker.

If you prefer a less brighter white, then prep the nail, basecoat, apply your white acrylic paint smile line, then white enamel over it. Then apply your pink enamel over it, and finish with a topcoat.


Left nail=bright white, right nail=natural white